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The toggle switch that signals the Lowest of the Low exists is thrown all the way to ON!

We want you to have these free new songs!
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We’re back, and we look forward to seeing you out there soon.

THE KIDS ARE ALL WRONG and IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE were written by Ron Hawkins, performed by David Alexander, Ron Hawkins, Brian MacMillan, Lawrence Nichols and Dylan Parker and were recorded with the help of Joe Dunphy at the sublime Revolution Recording in Toronto in October, 2015.

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Nov 25 Buffalo Show Update

Hey there, Buffalo friends;

We’re sorry to have to tell you this, but despite our best efforts and those of our friends at the Town Ballroom, we still don’t have a valid work visa for our show November 25th.

The issue isn’t us personally. We’re all cleared to enter the US, and the folks at the Fort Erie border crossing have been very helpful.

But the work visa applications are done in Vermont, and current processing times are longer than they’ve ever been. And without the correct paperwork we can’t cross the border to play for you in Buffalo.

We’re NOT cancelling the show just yet. There is still time and hopefully something can be done.

We just wanted to give everyone making plans around this show a heads-up.

It’s frustrating. Our second home is a little harder to get to right now. But we’re working on it. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

If anyone cares to read more about this situation, here is a posting from our Musician’s Union:
We’ll update you all as soon as we can.

Lowest Of The Low


NOW Toronto’s Best of 2015

Hey Folks,

Though I don’t usually feel comfortable posting about nominations (seems a bit narcissistic) I’m quite proud of these ones so here goes. The DGA are up for best band this year in the Now reader’s poll. And I’m up for best Songwriter and best male singer. Feel free to vote for Hayden, but I’d prefer if you voted for me.

Lowest of the Low fans… we’ll see you all this summer at various shows in Toronto and Stateside.

DGA fans look for us in your home town and at the Turf Festival in Toronto. We are also launching into recording our next album in November.

Cheers everyone,
Ron Hawkins

Best Male Vocalist

Best Songwriter

Best Band (The Do Good Assassins)